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+  What countries are covered?
Our international business credit reports are available on companies located in the following countries (certain restrictions may apply):

United Kingdom

+  Where does the international report data comes from?
Our international business credit report sources information directly from Experian's global bureaus and Tier 1 partners around the world, providing the freshest information available.

+  Why do the new Canadian reports cost more than U.S. domestic reports??
We have greatly enhanced our Canada reports, now available at $59.95 each.

Having Canadian reports delivered through this website allows you the flexibility to pull single Canadian business reports as needed, whether if it's for business verification, or to conduct credit risk assessment on your Canadian partners and suppliers, or other business need.

With the re-launch of the Canadian International reports, we now offer comprehensive business credit reports that provide a credit ranking and other information not previously available in our earlier reports. The number of Canadian companies has also been increased, from under two million to nearly four million.

The cost of obtaining this additional comprehensive Canadian data no longer allows Experian to charge the same rate as domestic reports.

+  Why are the other international reports more expensive than U.S. domestic reports?
Experian understands that cost is a critical factor when selecting an international information supplier. Our international business credit report allows you to quickly locate and obtain real-time international information on millions of companies all through our easy to use Website. Experian distributes this information at additional costs required by the data source providers we work with globally.

+  What are the hours of operation for searching in the various countries?
Most countries can be searched at any time with the exception of those listed below.

Available hours below (presented in Eastern Time, US)

Germany, Austria
Mon-Fri: 12:00AM to 2:30PM and 3:00PM to 12:00AM
Sat: 12:00AM - 11:00AM
Sun: 1:00AM - 12:00AM

Sun-Sat: 6:30AM - 12:00AM

+  Do you offer volume discount plans?

Experian offers annual subscription plans to our international business credit reports on our desktop website. Package sizes are 10 and 20 reports per year. Annual subscription prices can be found on our desktop website. Contact us to inquire on pricing and larger plans.

+  At the end of each billing cycle, what happens to my subscription?

Experian emails subscription reminders approximately 30 days before the annual charge. Plans are then charged by 8:00AM ET three days prior to their renewal dates.

+  How do I stop an international reports subscription?
To stop your subscription renewals please Contact us with your request to stop future subscription renewals. Please include specific details regarding the reason for your cancellation.

You will continue to have access to additional reports until your limit is reached or the current subscription period ends.


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